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Sometimes in 1964 a few leading educationist and social workers of Raha felt the need of a higher educational institution at the centre of this vast locality. The dream of setting up of this institution came into reality when a public meeting was held at the later part of 1963. The meeting unanimously resolved to establish an Arts College and for the follow up works, a Steering Committee put their foot foremost and consequently, on the 28thjuly, Raha College was established.

The College obtained University Affiliation to Guwahati University in 1972 and was brought underdeficit Grants-in-aid in 1075, Vide Govt. letter No-G(A) AC/22/76/2 dated /1976. During the period of Principal Sjt. Gunahas Bora, the College came under UGC Registration vide UGC order No F8-40/89(pp-1) dated 18/10/199brated4. It is a pleasure to note that the college had celebrated “Golden Jubilee” in a fashionable manner with full co-operation of the local public on 27th, 28th and 29th January, 2015. Raha College from the very beginning is an Arts College with co-education. Initially, there was only one lecturer in the department of Economics. Now we have three well equipped lecturers specialized in different papers. Person serving as lecturer in the Department of Economics since its inception are as here under:

Sl. No

Name of the Faculty



Prof. G.H Borah



Prof. Tarun Ch. Borah



Prof. A.K Bhuyan



Dr. H.P Borah



Mrs. Helena Dey



Mrs. Kalpana Devi

Asso. Prof. &HoD


Mr. Uttam Das

Assist. Prof.


Miss EnimalaRonghangpi

Assist. Prof.

An “Economic Forum” was opened on 19-02-2002 to conduct various activities such as seminars, survey, and educational tour etc. in the department of Economics. Under the banner of “economic Forum” Raha College, an awareness campaign on environmental pollution was conducted by the teachers and students of Economics department, headed by late Dr. Horiprasad Borah in Nagaon district covering Kapilee  Block and Khagarijan Block. Similarly, under the guidance of Prof. Uttam Das, the student of this department surveyed the Dighaliati Tribal Village under Raha Development Block to know the health status of the village.

The Department of Economics is now poised to enter into the phase of further development. To maintain and expand the major research facility and to incorporate some of the thrust area of modern economics, the department intends to impart advanced training in BASIC Mathematics, Financial Economics, Environmental Economics and Computer Application. Also we have planned to organize survey works and to launch educational tour etc. for involving the students in different activities in the sphere of Economics.

Library Facility:

We have a departmental Library with good number of text books and references. As some of our student belongs from a very poor family, they could not fulfill their necessaries, so we provide books from our library and maintain issue register.

Performance:Overall performance of the department, of course, is not extraordinary; but not to be neglected. In both general and major course, we have shown satisfactory results. But as compare to major course, the result of general course is better. This is due to the introduction of quantitative methods in economics, and the students having poor mathematical background. However, we teachers of our department have nothing unturned to keep the students going through the major courseMajor.

Teaching Plan:

To maintain discipline and punctuality and to complete the course within the specific period of time, we have framed teaching plan at the beginning of the session.  Classes are held accordingly as per the departmental class routines which are daily recorded in the log book. (Teaching Plan enclosed)

Unit Test/ Sessional Test:

We conduct two sessional tests each and every class during a semester period. Moreover, the previous year examination question papers are discussed in the class room. Sudden test are also taken time to time. Sessional test result are hanged in front of the departmental notice board and recorded in a register books. Also there is provision for sessional test answer script.


Department of Economics has organized departmental seminars from time to time

  • Organized UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Present Status of Agriculture and Allied Activities in India with special Reference to North East India” held on 13th& 14th October,2017.
  • Organized National Webinar on National Education Policy-2020-Issues and Concern”  Organized by Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University, Raha College Study Centre & Department of Economics, Raha College, Raha, Nagaon, Assam, held on 17th August, 2020.
  • Organized National Interdisciplinary webinar on “Pandemic and Challenges of sustainable Development”  Organized Department of Economics, Raha College, Raha, Nagaon, Assam in Association with Indian Economic Association held on 29th July, 2020.
  • Organized the International Inter-Disciplinary Webinar on “Regional Disparity, Development and Atma Nirbhar Bharat” Organized by Department of Economics, Raha College, Raha, Nagaon, Assam held on 25th August, 2020.
  • Organized College level interdisciplinary seminar on “Major Issues of Indian Economy”  organized by the Department Of Economics, Raha College, Raha, Nagaon, Assam, held on 20th March 2021

Educational Tour/ Field Survey:

Department of Economics had launched an educational tour to Puri and Kolkata for one week in the year 2012. Also the department has organized a one day educational tour to Chanaka, dist- Morigaon, Assam in the year 2021. On 11th of January 2022 another one day programme was organized. The student of Economics department along with teachers’ had visited to Kakochang(Kaipholangso) waterfalls, kaziranga, dist-KarbiAnglong, Assam.

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