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The bonafide students of the College are entitled to apply for the following scholarships :

  1. INSPIRE Fellowship (http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in/fellowship.html)
  2. Combined Merit Scholarship (http://www.dheassam.gov.in/scholarship.asp)
  3. Central Sector Scheme (http://www.cbse.nic.in/Scholarship/Webpages/ Guidelines%20and%20AF.html)
  4. Ishan Uday Scholarship (For North Eastern Region) (http://www.ugc.ac.in/ner/)
  5. Post Matric Scholarship for SC, ST & OBC
  6. Scholarship of minority girls
  7. Education benefit under MLA area development fund
  8. Minority Scholarship (http://www.momascholarship.gov.in/)
  9. AFNA sponsored Kaushik Das Memorial College Scholarship (AKADMICS) (http://new.assamfoundation.net/index.php/projects/akadamics)
  10. SR Jindal Scholarship

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